Total No. Of Active Report: 8

S.No.Report TitleKPT RefPPRA RefUploaded DateDisplay UptoDetail Document
1 MAINTENANCE REPAIRS TO OVERFLOW PLINTH NO.10 & 11 AT EAST WHARF TS281680E E/CS/-2(137)/TS281680E30/01/201730/06/2017
2 Reconstruction of Oil Pier-In/aTS280573E30/01/201730/06/2017
3 Development of Park at Timber Pond Keamari E/CS-2(126)TS276785E11/01/201730/06/2017
4 Replacement of Existing Damaged/Broken Rubber at Berth 4-5 At East Wharf .E/CS-2(115)/TS283253E11/01/201730/06/2017
5 Maintenance of Roads At Oil Installation Area Keamari (Phase-I)E/CS-2(126)TS276785E11/01/201730/06/2017
6 Maintenance and Repair allied work at central strore depot west wharfE/N-2(173)TS275932E09/12/201628/02/2017
7 Maintenance and repair to canteen at Manora WorkshopE/CS-2(103)TS278814E09/12/201628/02/2017
8 Providing Fixing and Replacement of sewerage line at China Creek KeamariE/CS-2(109)/TS278398E09/12/201628/02/2017

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