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125 Years

Karachi Port Trust, an organization with a history of 125 years at its back and plethora of experience that its holds, is surely a maritime fete it has achieved and competes strongly with other ports within the region. At the dusk of 125th year, we foresee a vibrant future and pledge to attain one goal transshipment hub of the South Asian region. The port outlays enormous potential for growth through acquisition of latest technologies as well as trained human resources. Human resources is in fact the biggest resource that any port of the world would aspire to have. Technology is changing every second and is the scenario we see in the shipping sector globally. Ships have grown in sizes and now we talk of super post panamax vessels. Customs made vessels for transporting selected cargo has also opened a new vintage for them to excel. We are at a threshold of gross changes and happenings taking place around the world and are under tremendous pressure to acquire the latest technologies to bolster our performance as well as to gain supremacy.

We are confident at Karachi Port Trust and we know our strengths are marking all kind of competitive moves. Our proactive and win-win attitude will enable us to achieve any milestone that we set forth. With every new leadership comes a new management style. Every issue whether minute or big has been addressed. Issues related to employment of scores of people working on stipend/ contract basis were also addressed and KPT is grateful to the Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping Senator Babar Khan Ghauri and their Ministry for their contribution towards realization of this goal. Approving authorities have been delegated for spreading up the port performance. Our team works in unison and as we are focused nothing is unachievable.

Our celebrations are on and we have started it with the commencement of KPT National Football Challenge Cup 2012 at KPT Sports Complex under the close coordination and umbrella of Pakistan Football Federation. More events are planned as we proceed ahead this year as we endeavour to work with a resounding passion towards the accomplishment of our ongoing projects, including the mega project of Pakistan Deepwater Container Port, the Cargo Village, the Harbour Crossing Bridge, etc. We know we are on and we will surely want to tell that to others, especially those with whom we compete.



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