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Recreational Activities

dc banglow




DC Bungalow

A pleasant bungalow located at Manora Island with lush green environment ,modernized and fully equipped with all facilities for KPT officers and employees. It is located on height of Manora Island and has front sea view, which gives the pleasent view.






port grand food street


Port Grand

Another project is the establishment of a port grand, at Netty Jetty Bridge and its adjoining area within rotary of Jinnah Bridge. The project was offered on build operate and transfer basis for 21 years. This scenic coastal stretch, has ample area for landscaping, walkways and joy rides, dinner cruises etc.

The project is expected to be completed by food courts, specialty restaurants and entertainment areas. It will offer food and entertainment stalls, a large open air theater and a permanent funfare like atmosphere. It will also have access to the Chinna Creek. Work has finally started after initial delay.



kpt sports


KPT’s Sports Contribution

To encourage sports, KPT has patronized various teams.

KPT maintained following full fledged sports teams and all the teams consisted of players of calibre and teams were among National rankings:

Badminton               National/ International level
Billiard & snooker    National/ International level
Boxing                     National/ International level
Cricket                     National level/ 1st class
Football                   National/ International
Golf                          National level
Hockey                     Provincial level




port water jet fountain

Port Water Jet Fountain - World's Second Tallest Fountain

The KPT has constructed a fountain from its own resources after taking approval from government for the beach entertainment of people of Karachi while fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. It is second highest in the world, about 660 ft. Port fountain was made with an objective to beautify Karachi’s coastline and is clearly visible from Clifton beach.

Because the fountain rises so high into the air, it is quite easily seen from many locations of the city. Many high rise apartments, buildings and surroundings overlook the fountain throughout the community at the beach. The column of water can be seen from miles at sea. The fountain is located 1.4 km away from the beach to avoid spraying neighborhood homes. Maximum vapours travel up to a radius of 500 feet around the fountain. Eighteen flood lights of 400 watts illuminate the fountain at night.

On evening of 15th January 2006, people crowded the Clifton beach to witness the inauguration of the fountain with a grand display of fireworks and to see its stream of water which magically turns blue at night!






KPT provides hut facilities to their officers and employees. These huts are located at Sandspit beach with all major facilities.





KPT Pilot Club



KPT Pilot Club at Manora

KPT has also provided Pilot Club located at Manora for recreational activities.

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