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Safety Philosophy


Port Safety Seminar

A Port Safety Seminar was held in URDU for port users at KPT Staff College on 23rd Dec 2008. About one hundred port personnel participated in the seminar conducted by the Institute of Safety and Human Factors. The then Chairperson KPT delivered a speech on the inauguration of the seminar arranged by Port Safety Department.

Port Safety Inauguration    

The former Chairperson KPT inaugurated a workshop on Port Safety, organised by the Port Safety Department on 13 Nov 2008. In her opening address at the KPT Staff College, she laid emphasis on raising safety standards without compromising on competitiveness and efficiency.  The full day workshop conducted by the Institute of Safety and Human Factors covered aspects like building safety culture, human factors and industrial safety. The 50 participants of the workshop included officers of KPT and port.

Port Safety

The Port Safety department was established in Nov 2004. Necessary staff, equipment and organization have been made available. The Safety Policy and Doctrine of the Port and its implementation procedures have been promulgated for the port users. An elaborated safety management system has been implemented.


Regular safety meetings with port users take place. The mobile safety monitoring teams maintain vigilance round the clock in the port to enforce safety rules and impose penalties on those violating. The fully Automated Karachi Port Operations Centre (KPOC) being hub of all monitoring efforts is manned round the clock and is working with modern facilities. A Ship Vetting Cell started operations in close coordination with the KPOC to keep an eye on the operational state of ships entering Karachi harbour, thus ensuring safety of the port. KPOC also serves as Disaster and Crises management centre. Various Emergency Response Plans have been made and are exercised regularly.



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