Kpt logokarachi Port Trust

Public Notices

General Public Notics

1 )Enviromental Protection Agency 20 Oct 2011
Paksitan Deep Water Container Port Enviromental Impact Assessment

Prime Minister Directive for Implementation Of Protective Against Harassment Of Women at the Work Place Act 2012 (KPT Implementation )  Page 1  and Page 2

2)Allotment of Land By The Government of Sindh On Clifton Shore In Front of Clifton Block 2 & 3 in Violation.......Supreme Court 24/Sep/2014

3) Sindh Enviromental Protextion Agency , Government Of Sindh (Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A))    (3-Feb-2015)

4) Land Grapper and their Facilitators (20 Nov 2015)

5) Show Cause Notice For Cancellation of Contract in Respect of trimming the top of the wreck M.V. Regal Sun   (15-Aug-2016)


6) Consultancy for Development of Parts Lists of Machinery / Equipment of Floating Crafts of Karachi Port Trust   (30-Jan-2016)


7) Estate Department Public Notice  28-Oct-2016



8) Manager Legal (26-May-2017)

       9)Estate Department Public Notice  27-Jul-2017



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