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NAME RECONSTRUCTION OF BERTHS 15 to 17A Including SRB’s at East Wharf
  Phase II:


DATE OF COMPLETION Financing from World Bank has been finalized - completion envisaged in 2014 and contract awarded to M/s Ssangyong & Dongyong

KPT has 30 dry cargo berths and 560 m quay wall at Napier Mole Boat wharf for country crafts. 4 berths were reconstructed in near past and PICT was established there. 5 berths at KICT are recently reconstructed.  KPT plans to reconstruct remaining berths in phases. The salient features of this programme are as under:

Berths 15-17A including SRBs designed to 16 m depth, length of Berths is 922 m. The Concept has been approved by CDWP of Planning Commission and the financing from World Bank has been finalized. The estimated cost is Rs. 9.5 Billion (approx).

The contractor have been mobilized at site and demolition works are in progress at site. M/s. Atkins in association of Techno Consultant Int. as sub consultant have been appointed to supervise the project. 

Completion envisaged by the end of 2014.




DATE OF COMPLETION  Project is on hold up.

KPT owns and operates a marine workshop which includes a ship dry dock at Manora that is currently used for refurbishment of KPT vessels. The dry dock was originally constructed in 1901 and rehabilitated in 1986. Following the refurbishment a series of defects have developed which require rectification, but the dry dock has been kept in use by undertaking temporary and localized repairs.

The Manora Dry Dock, originally known as Giles Graving Dry Dock, was constructed in 1901 and has been in continuous operation for the repairs of ships. It is a concrete dock structure measuring approximately 60 metres (200’) long, 12 metres (40.6’) across the bottom and has sloping sides with an opening of 29 metres 996’0 wide at the top. The dock is 5.5 metres (18’6”) depth with an entrance opening of 15 metres (50’) wide and 4.9 metres(16’3”) high, from the bottom of the gate to the walkway support structure hold back sea water during the repair of ships. The gates are opened and closed by a series of chains connected to winches that are located at each side of the dock.

A site survey was undertaken by the specialists of the Consultant Engineer, M/s Umar Munshi Associates to inspect the facilities and discover defects. A review of the defects and methods of rectification were assessed for each type of defect by specialists. The defects categorized for immediate repairs and for rehabilitation works.

The major repairs include:

i)                    Repair/ Replacement of structural beams and walkway on dry dock gates

ii)                  Replacement of seals of gates and repair of gates

iii)                Rehabilitation of top and bottom hinges/ pins on dry dock gates

iv)                Replacement of sluice valve on southern dry dock gate

v)                  Replacement of winches

vi)                Provision of mobile crane







TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT Between 417 million USD and 519 million USD


DATE OF COMPLETION Financing from donor agencies  i.e Asian Development Bank and others is being sought

The Karachi Port Trust (KPT), in order to timely cope with future traffic demands emerging from envisioned port expansion (Pakistan Deep Water Container Port) and industrial development (Cargo Village in the Western Backwaters) projects within the border limits of KPT assigned by end 2006 the Technical Consultant (TC) the project ‘Design of bridges connecting the deep water berth with Manora & Bridge/Connectivity with Cargo Village’, hereinafter referred to as Karachi Harbour Crossing (KHC). The Final Feasibility Report was issued in June 2008. At that initial stage the KHC was only aimed as a port-related project to be implemented within the border limits of KPT.

As per preliminary design suggests length of 13.5 km and comprise of cable stay bridge across the channel, with 470 m span and 65 m air draft to cater for shipping traffic under it. Two causeways will lead from the bridge; the shorter one connects the Manora-Sandspit strip while the one veering to the right connects the Cargo Village & Industrial Park, which in turn shall have an extended linkage to Lyari Expressway and Northern By-pass.

The Project was awarded for the Design Engineering Services including update feasibility study to the consortium of Consultants of international repute comprising M/s Leonhardt Andra and Partner of Germany, M/s Inros Lackner of Germany with M/s AA Associates and M/s Indus Associated Consultants (Pvt) Ltd as the local partners of the above.

The cost estimate for the bridges is based on the recent historic cost record rates per square meter and the costs of the roadwork have been computed as a rate per meter of roadwork. To these costs, 12 % contingencies are foreseen for additional costs. No costs for land acquisition have  been  foreseen,  as  it  estimated  that  the  land  needed  all  belongs  to  KPT.  The cost estimation varies between 417 million USD to 519 million USD. The capital required for this project is either considered as loan, company internal or obtained by bankers or financial institutes. The sole revenue component of the project is road tolls levied. The construction time is estimated to be four years from date of start.





The project has been initiated on the directive of Prime Minister of Pakistan. In order to ease the traffic congestion in the area surrounding Lea Market and in its vicinity, Karachi Port Trust has engaged consultant M/s Umar Munshi Associates to find long term solutions to overcome this problem. The emphasis is on taking long term and sustainable measures to provide smooth flow of traffic in the project influence area.

·        Lea Market area is one of the oldest settlements of the city of Karachi and its history dates back to pre partition days. Lea Market is an old market established in 1927 during the British Raj in the sub continent. It is located in a trapezoidal chunk of land and is surrounded by areas like Chakiwara, Jodia Bazaar, Bhim Pura, Boulton Market, Lyari, etc.

·        The Consultant had carried out following activities  so far:

i.                 Detailed traffic survey of the entire area

ii.               Detailed topographic survey

iii.             Existing underground utility lines were identified through coordination with utility agencies.

iv.              Feasibility Study Report

v.                Four alternate options to ease the traffic congestion were recommended based on the present and forecasted traffic trends.

OPTION 1:         Proposed two levels Flyover on Muhabbat Khan Road linking Siddique Wahab Road and Level-2 bridge on Chakiwara Road linking Napier Road.

OPTION 2:         Dual carriage way Flyover on Siddique Wahab Road linking Muhabbat Khan Road, for all traffic coming and going from Siddique Wahab Road towards Muhabat Khan Road.

OPTION 3: Two lane one way directional Flyover from   SIDDIQUE WAHAB ROAD TOWARDS MUHABBAT KHAN ROAD

OPTION 4: At grade traffic improvement surrounding Lea Market area

The 1st three options above require land acquisition, demolition of residential building, shops, a mosque. Beside relocation of utilities and removal of encroachment etc. Considering cost out lays against and the expected resistance to be faced by the owners and other quarters all such development plan become non viable in terms of the benefit / cost ratio.

So special consideration was given to Option IV (At grade development).it does not involve any displacement or rehabilitation and the proposed development will be carried out smoothly with shortest possible time.

To review / consider the scheme a high level meeting dated 21st December 2011 was chaired by Honorable Governor of Sindh, after lengthy deliberations amongst the participants including concerned officers of the Government of Sindh, it was decided to adopt option of the At grade and further details be worked out.

Thereafter another meeting was held with Chief Secretary Sindh in chair on 23rd February 2012 where KPT asked to provide the merits and demerits of all the Options.

KPT / Consultant would be presenting their conclusion as desired in the above meeting after due diligence.

Commencement date  :                      Subject to approval of Govt. of Sindh

Duration of project            :                      12 months (for at grade improvement only)





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