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Establishment of Karachi Port Security Force


Karachi Port with regard to security has taken a giant leap forward in the area of technology and sophistication. The security sector has been totally revamped with the induction of Port Security Force. Karachi Port Trust is fully alive to the global security environments and is proactively poised to meet future formidable security challenges. The goal of Karachi Port Trust is to provide secure environment in which trade can be conducted with high assurance and equilibrium of security & safety versus efficiency. KPT, after having evaluated the global security environments, has embarked upon revolutionizing security on the port introducing state of art security infrastructure as per requirements of IMO and implementation of ISPS Code in real spirit.


Implementation of ISPS Codes

The Karachi Port has complied with ISPS Code as per requirements of IMO on 1st July, 2004. The Karachi Port has been divided into three port facilities. All the port facilities are being

monitored by:

   ·              Harbour patrol by boats with armed  port security personnel.                                        

·     Mobile patrols through mobile vans and motor cyclist on wharves, roads and jetties.

    ·              Access Control System at entry/ exits gates is equipped with Biometrics, Smart Card Recorders and CCTV.

  ·              Computerized Gate Pass System for entry with in bonded area.


Karachi Port is divided into three Port Facilities excluding PICT and KICT for security arrangements according to International Maritime Organization (IMO’s) ISPS Code:


·              Port Facility – I: Harbour approaches upto Oil Piers (OP-I, II & III) including Oil Installation Area.

The Port Facility Security Officer – I can be contacted on Contact No. +9221-32862996.


·              Port Facility – II (EAST WHARF):  Berth No.  1 – 5 and 10 – 17 including
02 x Ship Repairing   Berths (SRBs) and NMB Wharf.

The Port Facility Security Officer – II can be contacted on Contact No. +9221-32853733


·              Port Facility – III (WEST WHARF):   Berth No. 18 – 25

The Port Facility Security Officer – III can be contacted on Contact No. +9221-99214864


The three Private Terminals in Karachi Port have been declared as two separate identities and facilities namely:


·              Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT): Berth No. 6 - 9 in East Wharf constitute PICT (Pakistan International Container Terminal).

The Port Facility Security Officer (PICT) can be contacted on Contact No. +92307-0158583 


·              Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT): Berth No. 26 - 30 in West Wharf constitute KICT (Karachi International Container Terminal).

   The Port Facility Security Officer (KICT) can be contacted on Contact No. +92321-3970559

·              South Asia Pakistan Terminal Ltd (SAPTL): Groyne Yard Container Complex close to Oil Pier-I, has been handed over to South Asia Pakistan Terminal for development and operation of Deep Sea Container Terminal at the eastern side of the mouth of Karachi Harbour.

   The Port Facility Security Officer (SAPTL) can be contacted on Contact No. +9221-32862775


All these Private Container Terminals are ensuring their security through dedicated Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs).


Karachi Port Operation Centre (KPOC)

KPOC has been established at a strategic location having panoramic view of the Port, to supervise, monitor and control activities under supervision of Manager Port Safety. The Centre is fully computerized having Vessel Tracking System (VTS), Radars and direct communication facilities, which help in making prompt and real time decision making. KPOC serves as a nerve centre and representatives of different departments of the Port are present alongwith Operation Room Duty Officer round the clock. In case of any emergency, clarification and assistance one can contact the KPOC.


Functions of KPOC are:


·              To collect, collate process and disseminate information.

·              Monitor and control port operations.

·              Act as communication centre.

·              Act as focal point to render technical assistance.

·              Monitor and control marine pollution in the harbour.

·              Co-ordinate and maintain security activities on the port.

·              To activate emergency response to handle crises situation.


Moreover, following emergencies dealt from KPOC:


·              Spillage of a hazardous commodity or noxious gas (dangerous cargo)

·              Accident by a Ship causing damage to Port property.

·              Stranding (accidental grounding).

·              Collision between two vessels within Port limits.

·              Search and Rescue Operation.

·              Oil Pollution & Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

·              Cyclonic Storms.

·              Stowaways.

·              Hijack / Seizure of a Ship.


Crises Management Centre (CMC):

Considering fragile security situation of the country, there was a dire need of KPT to establish a separate Ops Room under same command as a backup support and to share the work load of KPOC with all required modern facilities, to counter against any illegal activity, threats as well as incident in first attempt via round the clock surveillance through CCTV cameras.  KPT has established an Ops Room (Crises Management Centre), being manned 24/07 round the clock by trained personnel for safety and security of Karachi Port, the same is located in vicinity of MPCD Office since Oct 2016 as directed by the Competent Authority. CMC acts as hub of information/ coordination for the Karachi Port Trust. CMC also provides a forum for exercising Command and Control in case of any contingency.


Functions of CMC are:

·              To act as Hub of all activities to be achieved from the CMC.

·              To establish Command, Control and Co-ordination mechanism for responding to

all types of situations.

·              To establish standardized procedures for various incidents / accidents.

Moreover, following emergencies dealt from CMC:


·              Fire or Explosion Ashore.

·              Search and Rescue Operation.

·              Injury to personnel.

·              Bomb Threat.

·              Civil Disturbance.

·              Terrorist attack.

·              Saboteur attack (Seaward attack, Swimmer attack).

·              National Disaster Management Authority.

·              Earthquake Tsunami hazard along Karachi and Makran coast.


Contact No. OI/C KPOC: 99263050, 99263046, 99214555, 99214530 (Ext. 2302, 2557, 2693)

Contact No. Operation Room Officer (ORO) CMC: 99210404, 99214530 (Ext. 2804)

Karachi Port is manned and performs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In case of any clarification / assistance one can contact on following numbers:




Telephone Numbers


General Manager (Ops)

99214375, 99214379, 9921530 - Ext. 2240


Traffic Manager

99214361, 99214530 - Ext. 2466


Deputy Conservator

99214321, 99214530 - Ext. 2242


Commandant Port Security Force

99214350, 99214530 - Ext. 2645


Manager Port Safety

99214598 - Ext. 2487



99263046, 99214555, 99214530 –

Ext. 2557, 2539, 2693


Operation Room Officer (ORO)/

Crises Management Cell (CMC)

99210404, 99214530 – Ext 2804


Additional Roles of PSF:

Anti Encroachment Duty (Static / Mobile) Patrol


The Port Security Force in tandem with local police helps the Anti Encroachment Department of KPT to guard as well rid the precious KPT land from encroachers on land as well as in Karachi Harbour.

Anti Mangroves Poaching Duty / Patrol


The Port Security Force contributes in maintaining the ecological balance through regular patrolling with small boats to apprehend the poachers and handing them over to police for justice.

Anti Pollution Patrol


The Port Security Force in tandem with Marine Pollution Department KPT, patrols / survey the Karachi Harbour against pollution proliferators and bring the culprits to justice.


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