Kpt logokarachi Port Trust

Social Projects


Construction of Roads, Bridges and Flyovers


KPT has not only improved the hinterland connectivity of the Port but also proved itself as a proactive stakeholder, aware of its social and civic responsibilities towards the city of Karachi. KPT has contributed in improvement of roads infrastructure, built bridges, flyovers, under passes etc. All the projects have been planned to provide free traffic to and from the port while catering the needs of next 25 years.







Port Water Jet Fountain


The KPT has constructed a fountain from its own resources for the beach entertainment of people of Karachi while fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. It is second highest in the world, about 660 ft.








Port Grand 

Another project is the establishment of a Port Grand, at Native’s Jetty Bridge and its adjoining area within rotary of Jinnah Bridge. The project was offered on Build Operate and Transfer basis for 21 years. This scenic coastal stretch, has ample area for landscaping, walkways and joy rides, dinner cruises etc.

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