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13 Meters Draft Vessel Mandarin River At Karachi Port

2nd November 2012, Karachi: Karachi Port Trust is ready to receive the first ship, MV Mandarin River, with a draft of 13 meters on its newly reconstructed berth No. 11. The event marks yet another milestone in its progression to augment and support the national trade.


MV Mandarin River with a length of 190 meters and breadth of 32 meters, carrying 55,858 metric tons of coal . The ship having GRT 33044 carries the Singaporean flag.

KPT is gradually rebuilding its old infrastructure. Berths 11 to 14 have already been reconstructed and are under operation which the Prime Minister had inaugurated last year. Later, the basin was also dredged to accommodate vessels drawing 13 meters depth. All the resources have been mobilized to make the entire channel capable of receiving ships of 13 meters draft. A similar dredging of berths will be undertaken after their reconstruction.


This adds up to be a gift for the port celebrating its 125 years of existence and marks a golden era of success, service and support to the national economy. The momentum of giant leap continues at KPT under the visionary and dynamic leadership of Minister of Ports and Shipping Senator Babar Khan Ghauri and Chairman KPT    Mr. Jawed Hanif Khan to achieve its milestones with style and precision.





Ship Handling Performance

In 2011-2012, port handled 1755 ships of various sized and types. This includes vessels under repair, naval ships, bunker, tugs, barges and dredgers etc.

Total shipping movements during the year were 3688. This includes arrivals, sailings and siftings.





Largest Vessel in KPT History

The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has successfully handled for the first time the berthing, loading and unloading of 276 meter long vessel carrying containerised cargo of 6,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units).  The mega vessel Wan-Hai-605 docked at Berth Nos 6 and 7, East Wharf on March 25 2010.

On 09th Feb 10, 2010 an advance container scanner system was installed and made operational at Karachi Port. This Eagle Gantry System uses high-energy X-ray imaging technology for detecting smuggled weapons and drugs. The construction of this facility has significantly increased the capacity of the Port for effective control on the movement of contra band items. The 6 MEV X Ray Gantry Systems was installed at Karachi Port as gift for Pakistan Customs by US Government. The civil work related to the project was completed by reputed team of contractors and independent Consultants. The design and construction work was undertaken by considering the hazards related to X ray systems and are meeting international and national standards. All quality checks were undertaken by the contractor during the execution of civil works.

In order to ensure Health and safety during the operation of the X Ray Gantry system, state of the art radiation detection meter was used to verify the radiation levels around the facility which is found to be far below the internationally acceptable radiation levels allowed for human consumption. The quality work was also verified by international consultants employed by US government. As an endorsement of the compliance of the whole facility with international and national standards, Pakistan Nuclear Radiation Authority has issued a license for operation of this scanning facility. A Port Control Unit of Pakistan Customs has been established which will operate the scanner.


Nursing Aid Programme

The Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Senator Babar Khan Ghauri inaugurated the Nursing Aide Training Programme at KPT Hospital on 21st February 2010 by unveiling the plaque. Speaking on the occasion the Minister highlighted the importance of Nursing Aide Training Programme which is taking place in KPT Hospital under his ministry and said that it will enhance the health care system of patients.

He termed the nursing care as backbone of any medical institution due to its important role in providing quality care to patients. He said that employment in nursing aide has grown,  over the years, much faster than any other occupation due to increase in elderly population and hence resulted in creation of more job opportunities for trained professionals of nursing aide and residential care facilities.




Railway Connectivity at Coal Storage Yard

Newly laid railway track connectivity was inaugurated on 20th January 2010 by KPT Chairperson Ms. Nasreen Haque along with General Manager Operations Pakistan Railways Mr. Saeed Akhtar and Divisional Superintendent Karachi Mr. Aftab Memon. The occasion was graced by General Managers and Heads of Departments of Karachi Port Trust.


The connectivity was provided after having engaged 200 employees for 40 days. It is 1.39 kilometres long and has cost Rs. 55.54 million. Before its construction, the coal was loaded on dumpers for their transportation to Wazir Mansion causing gross difficulties. Almost 60 dumpers used to move from Groyne Yard to Wazir Mansion, for further transportation through railway, was causing not only the traffic congestion but also adversely affecting the environment. The coal particles whirling out of these dumpers will be eliminated through the new railway connectivity. The contractors used to pay Rs. 71/- per tonne to dumpers for shifting their coal to Wazir Mansion. The freight forwarding contractors will avail the UP and DOWN facilities of Pakistan Railways and could now start their business at a bear minimum cost.


Deepwater Container Port

A deepwater container port (DCP) is being constructed at Keamari Groyne yard to enable KPT to cater for fifth and sixth generation ships. Project consultants M/s Royal Haskoning and M/s Scott Wilson of UK have designed the port with ten berths at 18m depth and 5 km of quay wall. This project will be carried out in phases on public-private partnership.

The first phase comprises of dredging, reclamation, marine protection works, and construction of quay wall and provision of navigational aides. These are being carried out by KPT at its own cost. Initially the channel and berthing face is being dredged to 16m and later to its designed depth of 18 m. The container terminal will have both road and railway connections to hinterland including the proposed Cargo Village at western backwaters of the port.



Port Grand Food Street


Port Grand 

Port Grand project is the establishment of a food street at our Native’s Jetty Bridge and its adjoining area within the rotary of Jinnah Bridge. The scenic stretch has ample area for landscaping, walkways, joy rides, dinner cruises, etc. Infrastructure work has been completed and outlets are being operational.

The 13-acre world-class facility has been designed & built in collaboration with top international architects and designers, who employed latest technology and building techniques to deliver a state of the art facility. Some 40 outlets are being made operational at this stage while more will be opened soon.


Achievements in Port Operations

  • Computerization of Port Operations.
  • Establishment of Ship Vetting Cell.
  • Establishment of Information centre in Harbour Master office.
  • Widening of Navigational Channel from 180 Meters to 300 Meters, to enhance the safety.
  • Installation of Extra Navigational Aids in Navigational Harbour Channel to ensure safe and smooth Navigational Operation.
  • Handling of Container Vessels up to 300 M (LOA) w.e.f. 26.04.2008.
  • Handling of Container Vessels up to 305 M (LOA) w.e.f. 13.08.2011.
  • Draft of Container Vessel increased from 11.5 (M) to 12 (M) w.e.f. 26.04.2008.
  • Draft of Container Vessel increased from 12 (M) to 12.5 (M) w.e.f. 25.04.2012.
  • Larger & Deeper Oil Tankers are being handled during night as well w.e.f. 04.07.2012.
  • Permissible draft of Break Bulk Vessels at Berth No. 11+12 is increased from 11.7 to 12.5 Meters w.e.f. 09.08.2012.
  • Draft of Break Bulk vessels enhanced from 12.5 Meters to 13 Meters as Berth No. 11 + 12, w.e.f. 06.09.2012.
  • Permissible draft of OP-3 enhanced from 11.88 to 12.5 Meters w.e.f. 30.10.2012.
  • Dredging of Channel is in progress and Insha Allah very soon draft will be enhanced to 14 Meters. at Berth No. 11 + 12.
  • 10 vessels with a draft from 12.5 to 13 Meters accommodated upto 05.11.2012.
  • Vessels having highest GRT and LOA handled by the Karachi Port so far:-
               Kota Crum GRT .......... 76,097
               Hyundai Colombo LOA (M)  .......... 305



Port Grand Food Street



KPT Gets IAPHIT Award 2005

The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) awarded the Karachi Port Trust a gold medal on its development programme for 2003-04. The chairman, KPT, Admiral Ahmad Hayat was invited to the biennial World Conference of the IAPH at Shanghai, China to receive the award.

The competition was tough as there were 70 entries on various development programmes and projects contested by leading ports of the world. In anticipation of greater volume of world trade under the WTO regime, most of the world ports have undergone tremendous development programmes during couple of years before 2005. The ports world over enhanced their handling capacity automating their operations to meet the future challenges. New terminals were burgeoning at a rapid pace as well as being up-graded to accommodate bigger ships with larger cargo space.

The Karachi Port was selected for its overall development programmes and particularly the large scale automation and computerization which had added immensely to port productivity. Particularly, in the last few years, all port operations at the KPT were automated through extensive use of information technology. A prominent feature of the automation was applied in all facets of port activity - from cargo clearance to revenue collection, from vessel tracking to port security, estate management to craft maintenance. In short, none of the port activity was left out from automation.



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