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Port Water Jet Fountain

The KPT has constructed a fountain from its own resources after taking approval from government for the beach entertainment, while fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.

It is the second highest fountain in the world, with height of about 660 ft.  Port Water Jet Fountain was made with an objective to beautify Karachi’s coastline and is clearly visible from Clifton beach.






Port Grand

Another project is the establishment of a Port Grand, at Native’s Jetty Bridge and its adjoining area within rotary of Jinnah Bridge. The project was offered on build operate and transfer basis for 21 years. This scenic coastal stretch, has ample area for landscaping, walkways and joy rides, dinner cruises etc.

The project is expected to be completed by food courts, specialty restaurants and entertainment areas. It will offer food and entertainment stalls, a large open air theater and a permanent fun fare like atmosphere. This scenic coastal stretch has ample area for landscaping, walkways and joy rides. It will also have access to the Chinna Creek. Work has finally started after initial delay.



KPT Hospital and Nursing Home

KPT Hospital is providing both in-door and out-door medical facilities to officers and employees in medicines, cardiac, gynae / obs, surgery, paediatirc, ophthalmology, dermatology, dental, ICU & casualty.

Two medical specialists, paediatrician and ENT specialist have been added to the existing facility. The Medical Department now comprises of 38 officers and 175 employees. The enhancement of in-house medical facilities, improved organizational performance also. KPT started the Nursing Training Centre which is giving quality medical education from last few years.



port fire service




Port Fire Service

Port Fire Service is present to handle any situation in case of fire or any disaster. KPT Fire Service also corporates with city government whenever possible.




KPT Underpass



KPT Underpass


A quality project in Clifton locality is KPT Underpass that provides the convenience to non-stop traffic in Clifton vicinity.






kpt flyover korangi road



KPT Flyover at Korangi Road

The KPT Flyover is developed to cater the traffic growth for the next 25 years. This three tier multi grade facility arrangement includes flyover and overpass.

There is no signal at intersection and uninterrupted smooth movement of vehicles is ensured from five differents directions. This way it interconnects Korangi Road, Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway, Korangi Industrial Area and Defence Housing Authority Phase VII Extension.




Mai Kolachi Road

Mai Kolachi Road Ending at Submarine Chowk

The development work connects Mai Kolachi (NORE-1) and it ends at Submarine Chowk (Punjab Chowrangi) covering area of about 4.8 km in length.

The two intersections at Boating Basin and Schon Circle are enhanced with grade separation through underpasses. The overall main carriageway has been remodeled as an urban expressway, widened from existing 3 lanes to 4 lanes on either side to cater the signal free traffic at the junctions/ intersections. An underpass from Khayaban-e-Saadi to Khayaban-e-Roomi to cover Boating Basin area and the other underpass at Schon Circle to serve the uninterrupted traffic flow from Teen Talwar to Do Talwar has been planned and the work is already under progress.



Sports Activity



KPT Sports Contribution

The KPT sponsors various sports activities and contributes in promotion of sports at Provincial, National and International levels.

KPT has various teams for different sports i.e Boxing Team, Cricket Team, Hockey Team, Snooker Team etc.




KPT Boxing Team:

  • M/S. Asghar Ali Shah and Mehrullah won the Asian Champion Title-2006 at Vietnam.
  • M/S. Nisar, Meherullah & Asghar Ali Shah , KPT Boxers represented Pakistan Boxing team in Common Wealth Games at Melbourne, March 2006.
  • M/S. Asghar Ali Shah and Meherullah represented Pakistan Boxing team in India Pakistan TASSADUM Series-2006, which was organized by GEO TV with the calibration of Pakistan Boxing Federation held at KPT Sports complex.
  • KPT Won the Winning Title of National Cadet Boxing Championship, which was held from 28th to 30th May 2006 at Lahore and Mr. Rashid Fateh KPT Boxer, declared BEST BOXER.
  • KPT Four Boxers Won the Gold in National Junior Championship at Lahore-2006 and Ali Mohammad was also declared as the Best Boxer.

Badminton: KPT Team participated in National Badminton championship, which was held at Lahore. The team lost in Semi-Final.

Snooker: KPT Snooker player Muhammad Yousuf participated in the World Veteran snooker Championship -2006 and won World Senior Title-2007.  Khurram Hussain Aga won the title of National Champion in National Snooker -2006 and 2007. Mr. Mohammad Yousuf won the Trophy in Karachi Gymkhana Open Snooker Championship-2006 and 2007.

Cricket: Six (6) KPT cricket players played in England. KPT cricket team participated in Patron’s Trophy Grade-II Cricket tournament-2006.

Football: KPT Football team participated in National League ‘A’ Division Football Championship-2006 and won 5th Position. KPT Football team won Four All Pakistan tournaments in Karachi.

Hockey: KPT Hockey team participated in the Karachi Inter Club Championship-2006 and lost in the Semi.



Earthquake relief operation
Earthquake Relief Operation


Karachi Port Trust (KPT) dispatched a medical team on 11th October 2005 to Abbotabad, comprising orthopedic surgeon, anesthetics, ophthalmologist & physiotherapist to carry out relieve operation in affected areas of devastating earthquake of 8th October 2005. The team was provided a working place in Women and Children Hospital. A full fledged OT, minor OT and a post operative ward in a non-functional building started functioning to provide definitive orthopedic surgery. Majority of the patients were relieved of their immediate physical miseries and many of them were saved from any future disability. Later on, another team comprising plastic surgeon and Chief Physiotherapist from KPT arrived on 22nd October 2005 and augmented the treatment facilities to the earthquake affectees.

KPT had been a great instrument in not only providing specialist manpower but also helped the earthquake affectees with latest medicines and surgical equipment. They also provided relief in terms of crutches, walkers and wheel chairs, food items like juices, milk, biscuits, dates and mineral water. All the patients and their attendants were provided Eid gifts on 3rd November 2005.

Finally the team of doctors which had arrived in Abbottabad on 11th October 2005 as a big relief, left for Karachi on 15th November 2005 having earned a great name and respect not only in the hearts of earthquake affectees but also in the medical community of Abbottabad, with their professional and kind approach towards ailing humanity.



Desalination Plant


Desalination Plant


The  KPT desalination plant  was inaugurated on 20th January,2012 at Manora Island . This plant has a capacity to generate 200,000 imperial gallons of sweet drinking water per day to the citizen of Manora Island.

KPT had commenced work on the Manora Desalination Plant on December 01, 2009 and it attained completion in May 2011, which cost Rs. 140 million. This contract was awarded for Manora to ASK Technologies in association with M/s Aritium of  Turkey.



Port Civil Defense

Port Civil Defence is an effective department while any critical condition arises for Karachi Port.

This department handles the situation in case of any emergencies declared. Port Civil Defence Department has been engaged in handling and cleaning up the costal belt.

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