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Grant of 25% concession in port charges on all foreign flag vessels calling Karachi Port carrying at least 80% Pakistani complement on board as per SRO-99 (KE)/2003 dated 1st October, 2003.


In supersession of this office letter no. D/G-26/1147 dated 18.02.2004 following SOP is hereby issued for compliance with immediate effect.

1. The ship agent is to:

    a) Submit crew list from the last port of call of the vessel at the erliest opprtunity and prior to ship's arrival at approaches to harbour.

    b) Submit crew list of the ship at departure from Pakistani ports alongwith clearance from Pakistani ports alongwith
clearance from the immigration authorities.

    c) Provide personnel information on the prescribed Proforma (attached) duly endorsed by the master of the ship.

2. The Port Department shall seek confirmation of the seafarers personal records from the Government Shipping Office in Karachi, if deemed necessary and also ascertain that the strength of Pakistani seafarers on the vessel is as per requirement of SRO99(KE)/2003 dated 01.10.2003.

3. The stipulated concession will be accorded once the Deputy Conservator is satisfied that the requirements in para 1&2 above are met.

General Manager (OPS)


Personnel Details Regarding the Pakistani Crew On Board

S. No

Name of Seafarer


Rank on Board

Book #

Seaman Address in Pakistan



















Stamp of the Ship



Master of the Vessel



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