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Establishment of Port Security Force

Karachi Port with regard to security has taken a giant leap forward in the area of technology and sophistication. The security sector has been totally revamped with the induction of Port Security Force. Karachi Port Trust is fully alive to the global security environments and is proactively poised to meet future formidable security challenges. The goal of Karachi Port Trust is to provide secure environment in which trade can be conducted with high assurance and equilibrium of security & safety versus efficiency. KPT, after having evaluated the global security environments, has embarked upon revolutionizing security on the port introducing state of art security infrastructure as per requirements of IMO and implementation of ISPS Code in real spirit.



Following cutting edge equipments / measures have been installed/ implemented on the port:

Video Management System (VMS)

As part of mitigation strategies, KPT has installed state of the art harbour and area scanning cameras on the port with following specification:

  • Espirit TM Image Pak System, PTZ outdoor colour Digital Camera System.
  • Spectra III TM Series High Resolution Speed Dome, 16 x for surveillance of gates, plinths and quay wall.
  • Digital, distributed, networked integrated for Video Management and surveillance over Inter Protocol (IP) networks.
  • Digital recording and surveillance serve as high capacity database. 


VMS greatly enhances security, safety and emergency response on the port and renders advantages as under:

  • It tracks ships right from anchorage to the berth.
  • Assists in identification and monitoring of ships without transponders.
  • Provides surveillance and monitoring of all the ships/ crafts inside the harbour.
  • Assists in identification of suspicious ships/ crafts in the harbour.
  • Allows surveillance and monitoring of the ships at the berths.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of cargo operations.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of vehicular traffic on the port.
  • Enable to activate prompt response to meet emergencies.
  • Helps in maintaining historical record of movement of ships/ cargo.


Vessel Tracking System (VTS)

KPT has installed cutting edge Vessel Tracking System in the port to surveil/ monitor vessels in the port area / territorial waters/ harbour. The system receives vessel information transmitted by them and displays their position on a shore based computer work station on an electronic chart. User can select both the desired areas and amount of details required; system continuously automatically logs the reports, records latitude and longitude, speed and course of all tracked vehicles. Historical track information can be recalled and printed out either as chart or database report in real time along with history of the track. VTS has greatly helped in managing vessel traffic diversity on the port. The system provides:

  • Better command and control.
  • Effective utilization of assets.
  • Quick emergency response.
  • Safe and secure passage of ships.
  • Identification and monitoring of aligned/ non aligned ships.
  • Dynamic data base for recording of information/ activities.
  • UAIS as per ISPS code required.     



Additional Roles of PSF


Anti Encroachment



Anti Encroachment Duty (Static / Mobile) Patrol


The Port Security Force in tandem with local police helps the Anti Encroachment Department of KPT to guard as well rid the precious KPT land from encroachers on land as well as in Karachi Harbour.






Anti Mangroves Poaching



Anti Mangroves Poaching Duty / Patrol


The Port Security Force contributes in maintaining the ecological balance through regular patrolling with small boats to apprehend the poachers and handing them over to police for justice.






Anti Pollution



Anti Pollution Patrol


The Port Security Force in tandem with Marine Pollution Department KPT, patrols / survey the Karachi Harbour against pollution proliferators and bring the culprits to justice.






ISPSImplementation of ISPS Codes

The Karachi Port has complied with ISPS Code as per requirements of IMO on 1st July, 2004. The Karachi Port has been divided into three port facilities. All the port facilities are being monitored by:

1. Harbour patrol by boats with armed port security personnel.

2. Mobile patrols through mobile vans and motor cyclist on wharves, roads and jetties.

3. Excess Control System at entry/ exits gates is equipped with Biometrics, Smart Card Recorders and CCTV.

4. Computerized Gate Pass System for rntry with in bonded area.



The three port facilities as under:

  • Port Facility - I:

Oil Pier I, II, III, Mooring Area and Anchorage Area  
The Port Facility Security Officer –I can be contacted on PFSO-I, Contact No. 0333-2378561.

  • Port Facility – II:

          Berth No.5 and 10 -17
          The Port Facility Security Officer –II can be contacted on PFSO –II Contact No.

  • Port Facility – III:

          Berth No.18-25
          The Port Facility Security Officer –III can be contacted on PFSO – III Contact No. 0333-2378562.

The two private terminals in Karachi Port have been declared as two separate identities and facilities namely:

  •  PICT (Pakistan International Container Terminal) Facility:

           Berth No. 6-9
           PFSO Col (R) Nadeem Contact No.0321-8750868                           

  •  KICT (Karachi International Container Terminal)

           Berth No.26-30
           PFSO Lt Col. (R) M. Ramzan Contact No.0321-3970559






Karachi Port Operation Centre (KPOC)

The state of the art KPOC has been established at a strategic location having panoramic view of the port to supervise, monitor and control activities. The centre is fully computerized and all the reports and returns are being electronically generated. Intranet, internet and direct communication facilities help in making prompt and real time decision making. KPOC serves as a nerve centre and houses representatives of departments of the port.




Functions of KPOC are:

  • To collect, collate process and disseminate information.
  • Monitor and control port operations.
  • Act as communication centre.
  • Act as focal point to render technical assistance.
  • Monitor and control marine pollution in the harbour.
  • Co-ordinate and maintain security activities on the port.
  • To activate emergency response to handle crises situation.


Contact No. OI/C KPOC: 99263050 - Ext. 2302
Operation Room Officer: 99263046, 99214555, 99214530 - Ext. 2557, 2539, 2693

Karachi Port is manned and performs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In case of any clarification / assistance one can contact on following numbers:



Telephone Numbers


General Manager (Ops)

99214375, 99214379, 9921530 - Ext. 2240


Traffic Manager

99214361, 99214530 - Ext. 2466


Deputy Conservator

99214321, 99214530 - Ext. 2242


Commandant Port Security Force

99214350, 99214530 - Ext. 2645


Operation Room Officer

99263046, 99214555, 99214530 - Ext. 2557, 2539, 2693


Manager Port Safety

99214598 - Ext. 2487


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