Establishment of East – West Wharves Connectivity Link

Taking cognizance of the frequent traffic jams taking place at two critical choking points M. A. Jinnah Bridge and ICI intersection, it was decided that an additional traffic link exclusively for the heavy traffic be developed to realize the following objectives. l Alignment must only serve heavy traffic l It will reduce heavy traffic load on M. A. Jinnah Road, Jinnah Bridge Rotary and the ICI intersection l It avoids elevated connections and prefers at grade (on ground level) alignments which will also economize the project budget Keeping the above objectives in mind, a concept was agreed in-house for developing an alignment possibly by linking East and West Wharves through a new bridge which traverses parallel to Karachi Circular Railways track and reaches Mauripur Road / Lyari Expressway / Northern Bypass via Naval area. The alignment options, at present, are under discussion with Pakistan Navy authorities and the project is estimated to cost Rs3.5 billion to KPT.