KPT Recorded 19.22% More Cargo Handling During July, 2020

karachi Port remained fully functional and operational even during the global lockdown situation due to Covid-19 on round the clock basis. Cargo handling remained up during the month of July 2020 which gave a good start to the Karachi Port as new financial year 2020-21 commences. The total cargo handling, including imports and exports, has shown an increase of 19.22% comparatively from July 2019 as the port registered 4.150 million tonnes cargo handling in July 2020 which remained previously at 3.481 million tonnes in July 2019. The breakup of total dry and liquid bulk cargo closed in the month of July 2020 at 3 million tonnes and 1.150 million tonnes respectively; showing hefty gains of 15.83% and 29.07% accordingly.Similarly, imports handling closed, with a jump of 16.90%, at 2.726 million tonnes comparatively from handling in July 2019; and the breakup shows that the port has handled 1.613 million tonnes of imports dry bulk cargo and 1.113 million tonnes of liquid bulk cargo in July 2020. Consecutively, the exports handling too closed, with a jump of 23.93%, at 1.424 million tonnes if compared with the handling made in July 2019; and the breakup shows the port has handled 1.387 million tonnes of exports dry bulk and 0.037 million tonnes of exports liquid bulk cargo in July 2020. This way, Karachi Port has handled 19.22% more cargo in July 2020 in comparison from handling taken place in July 2019.Cargo handling has gained momentum at port due to handling of Soya Bean and Pet Coke in dry imports and due to handling of Clinker in dry exports categories. Similarly, handling of Crude Oil, MOGAS, etc. has also gained momentum during the month of July 2020 which enabled the port to start new financial year 2020-21 with a renewed vigour while facing the hurdles of pandemic Covid-19 situation.