Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited incorporated in Pakistan as a private limited company in 2002 and subsequently got listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. In fact, PICT is the only listed container terminal of Pakistan. PICT currently has a BOT contract with the Karachi Port Trust for the operations and management of common user container terminal at East wharf of Karachi Port.  
In 2012, the terminal came under the umbrella of ICTSI, a Philippine based leading container terminal operator and is in the business of acquiring, developing, managing and operating container Ports and Terminals worldwide. Being a leading operator, innovator and pioneer in its field, ICTSI operates in many countries across the world, having 32 terminals across 19 countries. PICT operates with the philosophy of providing customer centric service solutions, aiming to be the Container Terminal of Choice for trade at Karachi Port. It has an esteemed client base both locally and in international market for which it rejoices a dignified position in the industry due to its valued services and trade operations. PICT aims to act responsibly whilst delivering high quality services. This is evident from our commitment and proud history of sustainable operations, respecting the environment, supporting the local economy and Women Empowerment.  

PICT Commercial advantages:
PICT is the preferred terminal for small and medium Enterprises who are contributing to the economic well-being of Pakistan.  
PICT is contributing in Pakistan’s economy by helping export consignments to load without any hassle which gives confidence to Shipper in enhancing their volume in various parts of the world.  
As a group member of ICTSI, PICT represents Pakistan globally.
PICT is the only container terminal at Karachi Port with an onsite railway link for freight trains which provides our customers to utilize our National Flag carrier Pakistan Railway and providing our customers  with easy access for loading/unloading wagons and reduced cost of handling for trade.  
PICT Operations
PICT has the covered area of 210,000 square meters along with 600 meters length quay wall, offers a quayside depth of 13.5 meters to meet the growing shipping needs of Pakistan.  
Terminal’s annual capacity of 650,000 (twenty equivalent units) per annum, and providing many services including container loading/unloading to and from vessels, subsidiary facilities including distribution of containers in dedicated stacking areas, Container inspection (physical or scan) for Pakistan Customs requirements, dedicated space for Refrigerated containers handling and monitoring.  
To fulfill the tasks involved in handling and transporting of containers, several equipment and resources are utilized i.e. 06 Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes (STS), 20 Rubber Tire Gantry Crane (RTGC), 11 Reach Stackers (RS), 03 Empty handlers (EH), 14 Fork Lifters, 50 Prime Movers (PM) and trained experienced equipment Operators.
PICT Achievements:
Since day one, PICT has been making concentrated efforts in establishing and maintaining a sustainable footprint on the economy of Pakistan through continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and taking leads at various initiatives. This reflection of commitment has been recognized through several awards and accolades.  
PICT has been declared amongst the Top 25 Companies based on comprehensive criteria being defined by Pakistan Stock Exchange to evaluate the overall performance of the listed companies in Pakistan. PICT has won this prestigious award for the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018.
PICT has won many awards for its performance in various sectors and is yet, nevertheless, striving to grow in all possible aspects in near future. PICT holds the prestige of winning the “Corporate Excellence Award” by Management Association of Pakistan for five consecutive years.  
In this era of rapid advancement and industrialization, the demand on safety has become a difficult task due to stringent requirements of “Standards” in vogue. Like other industries, HSE is one of the important requirements of Container Handling Terminal as well. Now, handling of cargo in the shape of intact boxes (i.e. containers) has accelerated the pace of business efficiency and ultimately has benefited the trade while minimizing the resources required for the handling of imports and exports.  
This was certainly not possible without the induction of hi-tech equipment including huge structure cranes, mobile lifting equipment, power generation units and more. Although these equipment and validated work methods have proven to be smarter as well as efficient and quite capable to meet the day by day increasing operational demands of this industry but at the same time, lot of in-built hazards are there which are required to be dealt professionally to make the port operations safe and sound. This is practically achievable only while inculcating the importance of Health, Safety and Environment in the organization’s culture which of course, requires continuously focused HSE oriented commitments.
PICT is an Integrated Management System Certified company that is consisted of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) & ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System). The company has QHSE Policy that depicts commitment to the compliance of all the applicable laws and regulations.
In order to ensure the compliance of HSE requirements at all times, PICT has taken various significant measures since its inception. Some of these include fire-fighting arrangements, emergency preparedness drills, dedicated ambulance service, first aid facilities, environmental monitoring and protection measures, load testing of equipment, leaky containers storage area, safety induction of staff and other associated persons, training and awareness programs, etc.  
The efforts made by PICT in the area of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment have also been recognized through various awards. Recently, PICT was admired as the 1st Prize Winner for Best Practices in Occupational Health & Safety in Port and Terminal Sector by Employers’ Federation of Pakistan. The award is a testament to PICT’s continuing commitment towards the common goal of safer workplace and healthy employees.