Amid of 2nd wave of Coronavirus there is again increase in number of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan for last 01 month.

The above trend is also seen among KPT Employees/Officers with increasing numbers of    COVID-19 cases. Considering current situation strict compliance to following SOP should be observed by the respective departments.

1.    Wearing of Face Mask in KPT premises is mandatory for all. Fine will be imposed upon the individual @ Rs.500/- over non-compliance.
2.    Social distance of minimum of one meter should be maintained.
3.    Avoid Handshake.
4.    While sneezing/coughing cover your mouth with your bent elbow.
5.    Disinfection of door knobs on daily basis.
6.    Regular Hand washing  with soap and water for 20 seconds should be encouraged or use of sanitizer in case of Office Setup.
7.    Unnecessary gathering should be avoided such as eating meal together for more than 02 people must be reported strictly.
8.    Work with minimum staff and quarantine leave for those who are above 50 years with some chronic illness may be considered.
9.    Strict adherence to various SOPs issued from time to time against COVID-19.
10.    Those who have been quarantined are required to remain within their residential premises and avoid interaction.
11.    All employees be educated and instructed, in case of symptoms they must report to COVID-19 medical facility or KPT Hospital.
12.    All departments should have a Focal Person for reporting of ill health of any officer/employee of the concerned department, the same focal person will also report the case to  following Focal Person of Medical Department: