5th February 2013, Karachi: In pursuance to the emerging dispute between shipping companies and the transporters, a meeting was called by the Chairman KPT Mr. Jawed Hanif Khan at KPT Head Office which was attended by Pakistan Ship Agent Association members and transporters, apart from the operations team of Karachi Port Trust.


The purpose of the meeting was to resolve the dispute and the efforts of KPT led by Chairman KPT Mr. Jawed Hanif Khan paved way for it after long meeting which started during the late hours on 4th February 2013 and ended after 12 am. It was decided among the participants of the meeting that from 6th February 2013 Pakistan Ship Agent Association members will start collection of empty LO/LO charges at their offices and no cash transaction will be carried over by transporters at the terminals. With regards to the export empty LO/LO charges, it was discussed and demanded that LO/LO charges will be taken by the shipping companies at the time of issuance of Bill of Lading. The shipping agent representatives were of the opinion that they require proper authorization from their members and for this matter they opined with confidence that the matter can be resolved. Moreover, it was decided that the understanding reached here will be applicable on fresh import / export containers from 6th February 2013.


The participants of the meeting chaired by Chairman KPT Mr. Jawed Hanif Khan were Vice President Mr. Shakil Ahmed and Mr. Zubair Tufail from FPCCI, President Mr. Haroon Aman and Mr. Younus Soomro from KCCI, Chairman TGA Haji Anwar Soomro attended along with his team comprising Mr. Madad Khan, Mr. Muhammad Hussain and Mr. Akber Khan, President Mr. Khalid Khan, Senior Vice President Malak Sher Khan and General Secretary Mr. Shoailb Khan from KGCA, President Mr. Saifullah Khan and Ex General Secretary Mr. Wasiq Hussain Khan from KCAA, Chairperson PSAA Ms. AVA A. Cowasjee along with her team members Mr. Bilal ur Rehman and Mr. Asim Saeed Khan from PSAA and ADC Customs besides KPT Operations Team headed by General Manager Operations Rear Adm (R) Azhar Hayat, Deputy General Manager Operations Mr. Shamim Ahmed Shirazi and Traffic Manager Mr. Niaz Ali Jessar.