Port Traffic Department & Functions

  1. Karachi Port is the pioneer Sea Port of Pakistan and referred as Gateway to Pakistan. Karachi Port including its 03 Private Container Terminals has sufficient capacity of 4.25 Million TEUs (containers) as well as Transshipment and In- Transit containers and also provide the required facility as per requirements.
  2. Traffic Deptt. is headed by Traffic Manager (BPS-20), responsible to the General Manager (Ops). The Deptt. is responsible for efficient management of cargo handling operations. KPT have potential of handling about 125 Million Tons cargo.
  3. Traffic Deptt. is to discharge its duties as a custodian of cargo & ensures its delivery to the bonafide importers apart from facilitating the exports. KPT’s existing harbour has 34 dry cargo berths and 3 liquid cargo handling berths.
  4. Traffic Deptt. manages the Liquid Bulk Cargo operations through 03 Oil Piers, apart from handling of Liquid Bulk at B. No. 1,2 & 24. .

Traffic Department Organogram



      1. EAST WHARF


        WEST WHARF

        1. DTM EAST

          1. ATM NORTH

            1. TO(Plinth10-17,D.D)
            2. TO NMB,D.G
            3. TO(M/SHED)
            4. TO (Fleet Sec.)
          2. ATM SOUTH

            1. TO(CWH,AUC,TT-1,T-SERIES
            2. TO(Berth:2&3)
            3. I/C (Cl Gate, Khamis Gate)
          3. TO ADMIN

          4. ATM(OPCY)

          1. ATM(ADMIN)

            1. TO LEGAL

            2. TO COMPLAINT

          2. ATM PLANNING

            1. TO LEGAL

            2. TO COMPLAINT

        3. DTM WEST

          1. ATM (WEST)

            1. TO(19/20/22/Barges/M.SHED)
            2. TO(24/25)
          2. ATM (MI YARD)

            1. TO(T-Series,DD,Fleet)
            2. TO(DG & AUC)
          3. ATM /AO(TPX)

          4. TO (ADMIN)