Educational Services

Training & Education Department

Training & Education Department was established in the year 1979 and since then it has been engaged in following functions:

  1. Providing training to KPT officers/ workers for imparting excellence in public service by including values & skills necessary for good governance.
  2. Providing quality education to the wards of KPT employees.
  3. Managing and administering the affairs of KPT's industrial home and mosques.


KPT Staff College

KPT Staff College (In-House Trainings)

KPT Staff College was established on 15th September, 1979 as per recommendation of the United Nations Consultants to KPT. The College was on the approved panel of United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) to conduct International Courses developed by Port and Shipping Wing of (UNCTAD). The College was also recognized as Pakistan Trainmar Centre for UNCTAD Project (TRAINMAR) Training Development in the field of Maritime Transport.



The main objectives of the college are:

  1. To determine the training requirements for managerial and supervisory skills.
  2. To arrange in-service training programmes.
  3. To arrange pre-service training courses for new entrants of Karachi Port Trust.
  4. To assess the effectiveness of training.
  5. To conduct research in the field of administration from training point of view.
  6. In-service training to its officers and employees.
  7. Pre-service training to those who join Karachi Port Trust. 

To enhance the knowledge & skills of KPT officers/ employees, KPT Staff College has been providing training by arranging seminars and workshops on different topics on regular basis.



Offsiet training


Off-Site Trainings

To enhance the exposure of its employees, KPT nominates its officers for training courses in the reputed institutions which are held within the country (mostly in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar) and offshore.

All the expenses  for these training are borne by KPT in order to meet the requirements of new ara.


In the past, the officers attended the training abroad at following countries:

  1. Belgium
  2. UK
  3. USA
  4. Netherlands
  5. Japan
  6. India
  7. Dubai
  8. China
  9. Malaysia
  10. Bangkok
  11. Korea and Singapore



KPT School

School Education

KPT is also successfully running six schools on welfare basis. As per latest facts and figures, 928 students are enrolled and getting quality education through KPT schools. Besides providing educational facilities to the wards of KPT workers, Karachi Port Trust is also providing educational facilities to the inhabitants of the vicinity. Extremely nominal tuition fee is charged by KPT from the wards of KPT employees as well as from outsiders.


Following schools are facilitating students in this regard.

  1. KPT Boys Secondary School, Keamari
  2. KPT Girls Secondary School, Keamari
  3. KPT Boys Secondary School, Manora
  4. KPT Izhar Abbasi Girls Secondary School, Manora
  5. KPT Zafar Hussain Primary School, Manora
  6. KPT K.G. School, Manora

KPT has also handed over one Primary School to The Citizens Foundation in August 2005, keeping in view it will create a healthy competition between KPT Schools and privately run The Citizens Foundation School. Currently, 520 students are enrolled in this school.

Industrial Home

KPT is running an industrial home located at Keamari. This industrial home is registered with Sindh Board of Technical Education, Karachi On successful completion of one year course, the students are awarded certificates by the Board.

The following courses are offerred to female students belonging to KPT workers as well as outsiders:

  1. Sewing & Knitting
  2. Hand Embroidery
  3. Machine Embroidery
  4. Dress Making

Extremely nominal tuition fee is charged i.e. from the wards of KPT employees  Rs.50/- per month and from outsiders Rs.100/- per month.


KPT mosque




Karachi Port Trust is also managing following 11 mosques to facilitate KPT workers and inhabitants of the vicinity to offer prayers.



The names of the mosques are as under:

  1. Masjid Babul Islam, Keamari
  2. Masjid Rehmat, Fire Station, Keamari
  3. Masjid AI-Shifa, KPT Hospital, Keamari
  4. Masjid Babul Bahar, Groynae Yard, Keamari
  5. Masjid AI-Noor, Berth No. 10, Keamari
  6. Masjid Rehmania, Ghass Bunder, Kemari
  7. Masjid Imam-ul-Mutaqeen, Juna Bandar, Keamari
  8. Masjid Khatim-un-Nabiyeen, M.1. Yard, West Wharf   
  9. Masjid Lalazar, Queens Road
  10. Masjid Qayyadat, KPT Head Office
  11. Masjid Khair-ul-Bashar, Manora