Karachi Port, since 1973, handles containerized cargo, becoming a key regional shipment hub. With three world-class terminals spanning 33 sq km, it connects major shipping lines globally. The port features East (17 berths), West (13 berths), and South (4 berths) wharves, each with a dedicated container terminal boasting a 1316m depth. Additionally, three oil piers facilitate liquid cargo handling.





KICT, KGTL, and SAPTL are Karachi Port's three private-partnership Container Terminals, equipped with modern cargo handling gear.



Port Safety & Security

KPT prioritizes safety with radar, buoys, and advanced tech for vessel monitoring. The Port Security Force, Tech Units, Pollution Control, and Fire Fighting at Karachi Port Trust ensure 24/7 security for cargo and users.

Dredging & Reclamation Work

Port dredging is essential at Karachi Port to maintain channel depth for shipping. KPT, the sole port in Pakistan with a dredger fleet, consistently acquires the latest equipment to combat siltation caused by tidal currents.



KPT offers warehousing, transit, and clearance facilities at each berth, including services like dangerous cargo handling, custom storage yards, oil tankages, bulk cargo areas, and container freight stations.

Liquid Cargo Terminal

KPT has three dedicated liquid cargo piers used for handling POL and non POL products. These terminals are equipped with the most modern loading and unloading facilities backed by equally sound safety measures



Ship Maintenance & Repair

The KPT has a dry dock at Manora for swift boat repairs; for larger ships, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works operates a nearby shipyard.