Development Plans

KPT aims at providing modern and user-friendly facilities to port users for import and export of all types of cargo.  Port development plans have conventionally been focused on national trade requirements.  However, swift changes in regional shipping trends and global economic conditions call for a repositioning of Karachi Port services to respond to market demands and adapt to the current scenario.

Accordingly, KPT visions to transform the port into a modern, competitive and user-friendly port, which would also be a transshipment hub of the region. For realizing this vision Karachi Port has embarked upon a comprehensive port modernization plan. 

  • Deepening of channels to accommodate deep draft vessels at all tides is the first step in this direction.
  • In Phase-I the navigable channel is being dredged to 13.5 meter depth whereas In Phase-II this has been increased up to 16.5 meters. 
  • Computerization of port operations and installation of electronic aids to monitor port activity is aimed at bringing efficiency and agility to the system.
  • A new container terminal is also established in the private sector.
  • Deep draft berths at the mouth of harbor are also being planned to enable swift and effective cargo handling.
  • Port tariff is under revision to enhance cost efficiency and competitiveness.

In expanding business the focus is to capture new markets and to look beyond the national trade, seeking share in the burgeoning global volume of containerized trade and to develop transshipment facilities accordingly. 

A dedicated area has also been designated to provide 24-hour handling facilities.  Other concessions include :

  • Free period of 30 days
  • Application of only one-way wharf age
  • Exemption from Dock Labor Chess etc

KPT is in the process of taking feed back from the port users to devise a set-up to facilitate improved transshipment. 

Private sector participation in Port operations is being encouraged.  A dedicated container terminal in the private sector is in operation, whereas another dedicated container terminal on newly constructed berths with 13.5 meter draft will also established.  Bulk and general cargo terminals are also planned to be established by the private sector.