Public Notice No S-13/407 Dated 13-Mar-2022

PUBLIC NOTICE No S-13/407 It has been noticed with great concern that different types of boats and other floating crafts enter in the navigational channel and tie their boats with channel or navigational buoys and obstruct/impede the free Navigation channel which causes disruption in safe and smooth shipping operations and it jeopardizes the safety and security of human life, merchant vessels and Port’s infrastructure. Due to such acts other port users face heavy losses in terms of demurrages and above all portray an undesirable image of the country’s Port and cast aspersions on the operations of Karachi Port. Resultantly international shipping lines/companies many discontinue their services to Karachi Port and local and international trade may be affected. Therefore, in exercise of the power conferred under Port Act 1908 all Owners/Master or Syrang/Tindal of all types of Boats or Barges or floating objects are hereby directed that all boats or any unauthorized floating object are strictly prohibited to anchor or leash within / in vicinity of the navigational channel or near defined Key Point Installations of Karachi Port Trust, except boats/ floating objects belonging to Port Authority, Pakistan Navy,F.P Brigade/ Harbor Patrol PMSA and Pakistan customs or Boats Authorized by Karachi Port Trust. This must be circulated amongst all concerned Strict action will be taken in case of violation of the above order with imposition of heavy penalty, even cancellation of License of the craft/boats in accordance with law.