KPT Unleashes Monsoon Precautionary Measures to Ensure Safety

Monsoon season starts in Karachi from mid of July every

year. In view of upcoming monsoon season, the KPT has

issued the following safety precautions in advance for

implementation to safeguard its port assets during the season.


All sheds be made water proof with due completion of masonry

works. Shed must have the availability of enough numbers of

Tarpaulin to protect cargo from damage during rains and these

must be kept in easily accessible places to meet emergencies.

Hose pipes and sand filled gunny bags be made readily available

inside the sheds to prevent the flow of rain water inside the



  • Drainage pipeline be all cleaned. Cleanliness of all roads be

ensured to avoid formation of gullies/ravine by rainy water in

their respective vicinities as well as the sheds.


  • All engineering items at roof tops of any KPT building/premises

be secured properly. All leakages of roof tops be intimated to

Chief Engineer for timely repairs.


  • All electrical wires at pits be isolated properly as well as made

free of garbage.


  • Generators in hospital be operated safely during flooding.


  • All loose wires be properly secured.


  • Loose lubricant drums at Return Wharf be moved to a secured

and safe place.


  • It must be ensured that KPT crafts are safely secured and

loosening of mooring ropes be avoided.


  • Stump tank at oil piers to remain empty and be monitored


  • Pumping machines be made available on short notices in the

operational area along with stand by generators and manpower.


  • PSF Check Posts have to utilize all equipment in their command

in safe manner (equipment like thermal guns, bracket fans,

telephone sets, weapons, etc.).


  • Availability of janitorial staff be ensured to drain out rainy water

on priority basis from KPT accommodation area as well as from

KPT Hospital premises. Janitorial staff be directed to drain

channels and sewerage lines and clear off all rubbish and mud.


  • Cargo must be stacked properly in wooden sleepers, pallets

covered properly with Tarpaulins.


  • All fire hydrants to remain clear of cargo at all times during the