COVID-19 Instructions for Compliance

Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day, therefore, fresh

instructions are shared with readers for compliance. As directed by

GM(A), General Managers and Heads of Departments have to ensure

that the following instructions are complied at each and every level.

  • No guests, except those with official business purpose, will be allowed entry in KPT Head Office Building.
  • Individuals entering port area or KPT Head Office have to cooperate with the Port Security Force personnel at Entry/Exit gates of port area and at KPT Head Office reception for their temperature checking.
  • No officer or employee will be allowed to enter the port area or KPT Head Office without wearing proper mask. Those found without mask will be fined Rs 500/- by the Port Security Force personnel.
  • All General Managers (GMs) and Heads Of Departments (HODs) have to ensure a maximum of 10-15% attendance daily on rotation basis in their respective offices and have to submit attendance on daily basis to General Manager Administration. Copy of the same to forwarded to Secretary KPT.
  • Officers (except HODs) and employees, both male and female, aged more than 50 years must not be called for duty for the next two weeks. Operational requirement takes precedent, anything exceptional have to be intimated to General Manager Administration (GM Admin) in advance.
  • The official timings in KPT Head Office will be 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Thursday and timing on Friday be 10 am to 1 pm. Overtime must be discouraged and only minimum essential staff be retained after office hours for overtime. For operational purpose, the requirement be intimated to GM Admin in writing.
  • All HODs are instructed to sensitize and to explain graveness of Covid-19 preventive measures and protocols to all officers and

employees under his/her command.

  • Any individual with symptoms/sickness working in close proximity of Covid-19 infected person must be directed to go for medical check-up/treatment without further delay.
  • The concerned port area officer, Manager Industrial Relations & Welfare (Manager IR&W), Chief Medical Officer (CMO) are all directed to ensure sanitization of port are premises, KPT Head Office and KPT Hospital respectively twice a day. Janitorial staff must remain well protected and equipped with all the cleaning material. The following timings need to be followed.
  1. Before opening of all offices / sections
  2. Mid of the day after Zuhr Prayers
  • All KPT Schools to remain closed till further orders. Sports activities also remains suspended and land/estate dealing matters remains un-operational.
  • All required SOPs be ensured in all KPT Masajid.
  • CMO to ensure implementation of SOPs related to Covid-19 in KPT Hospital. CMO also have to ensure circulation of pamphlets of Covid-19 preventive measures in Urdu amongst all the employees through respective Divisions / Departments.
  • CMO and Manager Stores, both, have to ensure provision of requisite equipment related to checking of temperature and sanitization disinfectant in KPT Head Office, port area and KPT Hospital.
  • All contractors of KPT Canteens have to ensure social distancing. They must encourage take away food and discourage sitting in canteens.
  • CBA members are advised to suspend their activities for at least next two weeks.