Shipping at Karachi Port remained Uninterrupted

Remaining cognizant of prevailing torrential rain situation of metropolis Karachi, the shipping operations of Karachi Port remained uninterrupted with available resources. The port faced difficulties though in handling ships under low visibility during the torrential rains. In order to keep the shipping operations in momentum, KPT made the issuance of No Demand Certificate (NDC) from concerned quarters possible through manual arrangements to ensure timely departures of vessels while consecutively obtaining undertakings from concerned shipping agents. Ship arrivals were handled according to normal procedure on first come first served basis. Boldly facing the extraordinary trash in the navigational channel, the port utilized its shipping boats ahead of pilot boats to clear of trash in way of shipping activity. Most of the operational staff of the port remained present during the rain declared emergency situation to keep Karachi Port functional during the recently concluded torrential rains.